Ministry of Education 

Pharmaceutical Company wellness and medical equipment

Libyan Norwegian Fertilizer Company 

Libyan Emirates Oil Refining Company

 Libyan Post ,Telecommunication and Information Technology Company

National Oil Wells Drilling & Work over Co

             Specific Training Center For Oil Industries 

 The National Commercial Bank 

                        Libyan Foreign Bank

National Oil Corporation

         Brega Petroleum Marketing Company                                 Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO)
                       Alrahila for oil services                                      Zueitina Oil Company
                    Sharara Oil Services Company                                              Al-Madar

        Harouge Oil Operations

                                     Waha Oil Company
                         Akakus Oil Operations                    Taknia Libya Engineering Company (TLEC)
                                  Ras Lanuf                 Oil and Gas Processing Company (RASCO)                                      Sirte Oil Company

Libya Telecom & Technology

                          Libya oil Company 

Mabruk Oil Operations Company

                Libyana  Mobile network operator company
                     Mellita oil and gas company                                   Oil refining Company
         General Company for gas transmission and distribution                                         Hatif Libya

device of emergency and ambulance

                      Ministry of Defense

the executive body for the development of oil projects 

                             The Ministry of Tourism


                                      Riyadh Municipality                                            King Faisal University

Saudi Electricity Company

                   Saudi Establishment for retirement
                      King Khalid University                           The Ministry of Education  

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs  

                               Aramco                        Khafji Joint Operations (KJO)
          Royal Commission for Jubal and Yanbu             Consultancy Group , Planners Architects &                                                        Engineers


          Palestine for Credit and Development                    Palestinian Ministry of Education 

Arab American University  

                         Caritas Baby Hospital

Office of the Palestinian Presidency




                   General Electric Company

Electronic Health Solution EHS 

                    Ministry of the Interior

Aeyl Al- Jadedah Municipality

            National Information Technology                                                Center


            Siniora Food Industries Company

 The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources 

                           Tkiyet Um Ali  

 Baptist School

                        Investment bank                                 The Ministry of Education 
                         Nugul Group                           Greater Amman Municipality 
                        Jordan Free- Zones                 Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority 
                   Relief and Works Agency 

Jordanian Electric Power Company

The Islamic Charity Center Society 

           King's Academy



Iraqi Electricity Company

 University of Mosul 

                  Ministry of Communications 

Iraqi Electricity Ministry 

                 The Iraqi Ministry of Health

 Salahaddin University

                General Systems Company   


 Others ...

Safety Insurance Company - Sudan

University Neelain - Sudan

                      Sudanese Islamic Bank- Sudan

  advanced technology company- Sudan

            Sudanese Free Zones and Markets

 Diwan of Royal Court –Oman

Public Authority for Radio and TV (PART)– Oman

Tunis Re

Bahraini National Guard

           Olympic Committee - Qatar

         Abu Dhabi Police


ADNEC - United Arab Emirates