Cart  Offer a variety of training programs in various fields, including five types in the implementation of  training program


  • General training programs
  • To be held in some countries, including Istanbul - Dubai - Cairo - Beirut - Amman - Kuala Lumpur - Kzablanka - Tunisia - Singapore - Paris – Libya -  K.S.A – Oman -  Georgia - London

Our Training Plan Include These Fields

Marketing, Sales and Customer Service

Management, Leadership and Self Development

Insurance, Transport & Ports

Accounting, Finance and Capital Markets

Procurement and Stores

Human Resources and Training

Engineering and Maintenance

Secretariat and Office Management

Security, Safety, and Environment

Law, Contracts and Tenders

                  Information Technology             Public Relation, Media and Behavioral Skills
                  Tourism and Hospitality                              Health and Nutrition
                                Security                             Energy, Gas and Petrol


  • Special training programs


  • Each internal training task consists the following stages:
  • Preliminary meeting: determine the exact requirements and agree on the objectives and timing of the proposed training.
  • Access to the client's business environment.
  • Design and preparation of the training course (details of the training program )  it is implemented by one of our consultant where the training program designed specifically to meet the requirements , identifying jobs , ( examples and case studies are taken from the work environment or the administration).
  • The same training course: provided by the Decart in the right place chosen by the customer.
  • Location - the option for you. This reduces travel costs.
  • Duration - the appropriate period for completion of the work
  •  Personal training programs for executives : 


It is often difficult to find the time and the appropriate environment for senior managers to deal with their own training requirements. In response to this, the Decart to provide personal training for executives according to the place and time and the state that are commensurate with her ​​time and needs.

  • Conferences and forums


  • Diplomas