Title Start Date End Date Location Enquire Register
Preparing & Developing of HR & Training Specialists 2018-01-07 2018-01-11 Barcelona Enquire Register
Training of Trainers (TOT) 2018-01-07 2018-01-11 Amman Enquire Register
The Art of Human Resource Management: Creating & Developing an Effective Personnel Function 2018-01-07 2018-01-11 Istanbul Enquire Register
Advanced Techniques of Strategic Thinking and Business Planning 2018-01-14 2018-01-18 Cairo Enquire Register
Coaching, strategic thinking, and goals achieving skills 2018-01-14 2018-01-18 Amman Enquire Register
HR as a Strategic Partner 2018-01-14 2018-01-18 Beirut Enquire Register
HR Professional 2018-01-21 2018-01-25 Tunis Enquire Register
Internal Consultancy Skills at Work 2018-01-21 2018-01-25 Amman Enquire Register
Strategic Planning for Training Operations and Activities 2018-01-21 2018-01-25 Dubai Enquire Register
HR Leadership: Competencies for Exceptional Performance 2018-01-28 2018-02-01 Singapore Enquire Register
HR Skills for HR Assistants 2018-01-28 2018-02-01 Sharm El-Shaikh Enquire Register
Recent Trends in Training Policies and Preparation of Training Plans 2018-01-28 2018-02-01 Amman Enquire Register
The Training Analyst 2018-02-04 2018-02-08 Kasablanka Enquire Register
Motivating, Coaching, Counselling & Mentoring: Practical Tools for Effective Leadership 2018-02-04 2018-02-08 Kuala Lumpur Enquire Register
HRM - Competency Based 2018-02-04 2018-02-08 London Enquire Register
Mastering Training Needs Analysis & Training Evaluation 2018-02-11 2018-02-15 Amman Enquire Register
Recruitment, Selection & Retention: Essential Skills for Competent Workforce Preservation 2018-02-11 2018-02-15 Madrid  Enquire Register
Consulting Skills for HR Professionals 2018-02-11 2018-02-15 Georgia  Enquire Register
Recruitment, Interviewing and Selection 2018-02-18 2018-02-22 Abu Dhabi Enquire Register
Assessment of Training Needs and Career Planning towards Achieving Goals 2018-02-18 2018-02-22 Jeddah Enquire Register