Title Start Date End Date Location Enquire Register
Computer‘s Basics and Hardware 2018-01-07 2018-01-11 Barcelona Enquire Register
Numerical Methods in Computational Science 2018-01-07 2018-01-11 Amman Enquire Register
Service-Oriented Architectures 2018-01-07 2018-01-11 Istanbul Enquire Register
CGEIT(Certified In The Governance Of Enterprise IT) 2018-01-14 2018-01-18 Cairo Enquire Register
Essentials of Information Security 2018-01-14 2018-01-18 Amman Enquire Register
IT Project Management 2018-01-14 2018-01-18 Beirut Enquire Register
Management of Information Technology and Systems 2018-01-21 2018-01-25 Tunis Enquire Register
Introduction to Wireless Networks 2018-01-21 2018-01-25 Amman Enquire Register
IT Balance Score Card Application 2018-01-21 2018-01-25 Dubai Enquire Register
Computer Networks Management 2018-01-28 2018-02-01 Singapore Enquire Register
e-Documents and Transactions and International Trade Contracts 2018-01-28 2018-02-01 Sharm El-Shaikh Enquire Register
Assess the Work of Electronic Systems, and Looking for their Development and Integration. 2018-01-28 2018-02-01 Amman Enquire Register
Modern Trends in Networking 2018-02-04 2018-02-08 Kasablanka Enquire Register
The Web from the Inside Out - from Geeks to Google & Facebook 2018-02-04 2018-02-08 Kuala Lumpur Enquire Register
Java Programming Fundamentals 2018-02-04 2018-02-08 London Enquire Register
Networking Services: QoS, Signaling, Processes 2018-02-11 2018-02-15 Amman Enquire Register
COBIT and IT Governance Foundations 2018-02-11 2018-02-15 Madrid  Enquire Register
Modern Techniques of Organizational Transformation to Use IT 2018-02-11 2018-02-15 Georgia  Enquire Register
Network Security And Firewalls 2018-02-18 2018-02-22 Abu Dhabi Enquire Register
IT Security 2018-02-18 2018-02-22 Jeddah Enquire Register