Title Start Date End Date Location Enquire Register
Strategic Planning for Marketing ,Sales and Promotion Management 2018-01-07 2018-01-11 Barcelona Enquire Register
The Art of Sales and its Role in Institution Success 2018-01-07 2018-01-11 Amman Enquire Register
Methods of Protecting your Brand and Inspiring your Franchisee 2018-01-14 2018-01-18 Istanbul Enquire Register
Professional Methods of Selecting Marketing Targets 2018-01-14 2018-01-18 Cairo Enquire Register
Advanced Strategies of Defining and Implementing Winning Solutions for Target Markets 2018-01-21 2018-01-25 Amman Enquire Register
The Concept of Strategic Selling and its Effect in Winning and Retaining Customers 2018-01-21 2018-01-25 Beirut Enquire Register
Fundamentals of Marketing Management 2018-01-28 2018-02-01 Tunis Enquire Register
Handling Customer Complaints Training 2018-01-28 2018-02-01 Amman Enquire Register
How to Exceed Customer Expectations by Providing Gold Standard Customer Service 2018-02-04 2018-02-08 Dubai Enquire Register
Acquisition of Excellence in Customer Service and Speed in Performance 2018-02-04 2018-02-08 Singapore Enquire Register
Marketing Strategies in Confrontation of Contemporary Challenges 2018-02-11 2018-02-15 Sharm El-Shaikh Enquire Register
Value-Based Selling: Overcoming Price Objections 2018-02-11 2018-02-15 Amman Enquire Register
Implementing and Managing a Customer Complaints System 2018-02-18 2018-02-22 Kasablanka Enquire Register
Methods of Extending the Franchisee Life Cycle 2018-02-18 2018-02-22 Kuala Lumpur Enquire Register
Modern Skills of Marketing and Promotion 2018-02-25 2018-03-01 London Enquire Register
Modern Strategies of Marketing and Sales 2018-02-25 2018-03-01 Amman Enquire Register
Franchising Specialist Advanced Course 2018-03-04 2018-03-08 Madrid  Enquire Register
Managing Franchise Agreements: Transfers and Renewals 2018-03-04 2018-03-08 Georgia  Enquire Register
Managing Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction 2018-03-11 2018-03-15 Abu Dhabi Enquire Register
Mastering Google AdWords 2018-03-11 2018-03-15 Jeddah Enquire Register